Writing on Stone (aka The Enchanted Land of Glowing Hoodoos)

May 2015 Let’s face it.  This place is a gem.  A jewelled agate hidden away in the endless sweetgrass.   To come here on a warm spring day to smell the sage and wonder in the hoodoos is a delight,  but to astral navigate under a full moon among the spirits is a communion few dare to eat, and is impossible to mention accurately.   Come one come all, pay your respects to the vulturès and be home in this special place.  Enjoy. Kk And Dd IMG_8689 IMG_8709 IMG_8724 IMG_8717 IMG_8721 IMG_8708 IMG_8695 IMG_8692 IMG_8715 IMG_8720 IMG_8732 IMG_8730 IMG_8753 IMG_8736 IMG_8743 IMG_8687 IMG_8733 IMG_8684 IMG_8686 IMG_8739

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