Little Ware via Gorge Creek (Sheep)

Little Ware via Gorge Creek

September 2015

Have you even been to the Sheep River Valley?  The hidden valley no one goes too, unless your from TV or BD that is.

How about Gorge Creek, the hidden valley within the hidden valley?  Have u ever been there?

Follow the roads. Dodge the pot holes, sheep, cows and wallows and follow the trails down the coolest foothill valley in all of K Country.  Dice.  Blue rocks, ancient spruce forests, untouched foothill vistas reverberating to the front Ranges.  Waterfalls.  Secret swimming spots.  This place has it all.

The Gorge Creek Trail leading to Little Ware has more than enough to warrant a full days exploration. But to through in a small peak, Little Ware, with airy heights and sandstone outcrops is to push the boundaries of mountain pleasure.

A full Yoga practice on the summit topped it off, with howling winds and ladybugs.

Watch out for Ticks in the spring.

.gpx track of Little Ware for your GPS device (download here)

Sheep in the Bighorn Meadows of the Sheep River Valley
Heading up the Gorge Creek Road from HWY 546. Mt. Ware is centre, Little Ware is the green hill on the left. The ascent route is on the other side, mostly treeless.
Gorge Creek above the hidden water fall about 1.5 Km in. If your here during the spring run off take time for the side trip down to these falls.
Autumn Colours are starting
First Junction
The trees open and the Gorge Creek Valley unfolds before us
Looking back, eastward towards Missing Link Mountain
Polished rocks smooth as the water bubbles by. Looks at that swim hole…
Heading along Gorge Creek, approaching the Junction with the trail to Little Ware. Junction in approx. 100m on the north side (left side) of the path.
Heading up a subtle draw that leads to the open slopes of Little Ware. The trail dissolves into game trails.
The slopes open, the wind turn up and the ascent up sparse grass is euphoric. Helped by the rainbow of lichens on the sandstone outcrops.
Northwestward. From left to right: Bluerock Mountain, Mount Rose and Mount Ware.
The summit carin of Little Ware.
Looking north. Volcano Ridge: Middle Right.
Chinook clouds roll in
Bluerock Mountain
Panorama at Little Ware
Chinook Clouds. Fish.
We returned the same way. Looking towards Mount Ware from the First Junction.
Sliding ripples at the waterfall at km 1.5
The head of the waterfall at km 1.5. You’ll need to descent a tricky hillside/embankment to reach this one
The whole thing. Check it out during spring runnoff
Hoodoo Cliffs along Gorge Creek Road.

Little Ware Google Earth Track

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