Mustang Hills (Elbow)

Thar are wild horses in them there hills.  A whole herd of ’em.

The Mustang hills are a low profile destination with some huge views up top of Forgetmenot Ridge and the big peaks of the Elbow (Cornwall, Banded, etc.).  They definitely lived up to their name on this trip as we encountered a herd of the wild Mustangs in the meadows below the east summit.

Definitely worth the trip for its solitude, tranquil foothill summits, a beautiful look down the Quirk Creek Valley and north towards Powderface Ridge.  And of course the view west which may be the best view of the Elbow front ranges that I’ve ever seen.

We did the loop counterclockwise which lead to some tedious route finding difficulties when looking for the ridge up from the Elbow floodplain. Definitely a clockwise hike unless your up to the challenge.


.gpx track for your GPS device (download here)


The East summit of Forgetmenot Ridge smoldering like a volcano as the rain clouds lift
Mustangs in the meadows below the East top
We’ve been spotted
Curious and calm
The wild horses of the Elbow
Sandstone outcroppings on the east side of the east top
Sandstone outcroppings on the east side of the east top
The rain clouds lift and the front ranges are revealed
Looking south down Quirk Creek Valley. Quirk Ridge on the left and Allsmoke Mountain with Volcano Ridge to the distant right
In the distance: The east end of Powderface Ridge (L)
The Shining Mountains
The view west
Looking southeast from the north top towards the meadows below the east top. Look for the horses, they’re there.
The view NE. Prairie Mountain (Centre) and Moose Mountain (back left)
Puffballs in the Dryas!
The road at Cobble Flats parking loop. If you choose to do the route clockwise, you could follow the open path on the left of the photo into the forest. This is the old highway.


Mustang Hills Google Eath track

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