Mt. Baldy (Kananaskis Valley)

Mt. Baldy (Kananaskis)

July 2015

As a young boy I marvelled at the cool air heights of Mt. Baldy as it rose ahead as we drove passed the big wooden K Country sign on the way south along HWY 40.  It height was impressive, and as time went by I realized it was only 2192 m high.  A mere tike of a peak!   But is ascent route is still impressive, with dizzying cliffs, a heart thumping crux and a blue hued misty view of Ribbon Creek Valley and the peaks of the Kananskis Range in the distant west.

Lounge on the couch half way up, watch out for the angry sheep by the parking pullout and avoid straying off the ridge as the scree is loose and the angle is steep.  719 m of elevation gain makes this one of K Country’s most accessible summits and within 45 min of Calgary, its a must do for K Country enthusiasts.  And the view of barrier lake is amazing.

Be bold, bald and brave.  Mt. Baldy.

.gpx track (download here)



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