Whaleback Ridge – Waldron

June 2013

Well its not in K-Country.  It’s not too close to town.  Hanging in purgatory on HWY 22 between the Highwood and the Crowsnest.  The Whaleback is an emerald gem of the foothills.  Holding a prism of wildflowers, ancient cracks in weathered Limber Pines, and fresh revitalizing horizons of unfamiliar foothills and peaks.  The Balsam Root meadows in June are unparralelled.

The Whaleback ridge is a treasure, and it’s tough to get a topo map for this one so visit Map town or somewhere specialized to ensure you don’t wander astray.  For those who like foothill ridges, puzzled with meadows and limber pines, the bounty is yours for the taking.

Take care to get access across private land if needed.  The approach can be long so I recommend biking the first few KM and ditching your bikes by the power line towers at the base of the ridge.  We used the Black Mountain access.   Enjoy.

– Kaptain Kananaskis

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