Powderface Trail Reopens May 16

Powderface Trail Reopens May 16 2016

Maybe your like me and missed your chance to explore the Powderface Trail before the floods of 2013.  Now is our chance to redeem ourselves and discover the hidden trails of K Country!  The Powderface Trail Reopens May 16th after a long closure from the Floods of 2013 (according to Alberta Transportation and the Kananaskis Regional Office).  The HWY 66 gate reopens May 15th.

The Powderface trail is a gravel road connecting the Forgetmenot Area of the Elbow Valley to the Sibbald Area to the North.  Having driven through from Forgetmenot to Sibbald only once and I only now realize I was bypassing classics such as Jumping Pound Ridge, Compression Ridge and the undisclosed off trail wanderings of the Hunchback Hills.

A prolonged closure due to bridge construction that dodged spawning periods has done wonders for the imagination.  What vistas, breezes, front range forests and unknown limestone chasms await?

Here’s a list of hikes (The Daffern’s K Country Trail Guide will tell you how to get there):

  • Bryant Lake (Trail probably trashed by the floods)
  • Forgetmenot Ridge
  • The Hunchback Hills
  • East Ridge of Jumping Pound Mtn.
  • Canyon Creek
  • Prairie Creek
  • Cox Hill
  • Compression Ridge
  • Tiara peak and surrounding summits
  • Belmore Brown Peak
  • Moose Mountain Summits

See you out there!

– Kaptain Kananaskis


Pictures looking west along the Powderface Trail from South to North (Forgetmenot to Sibbald)

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And a Google Earth flyby of the entire road (South to North, looking eastward):

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A view of the northern reaches of the Powderface Trail from Cox Hill





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