High Noon Hills (Sheep)

7.5 km approx. Round trip.

250 m Elevation Gain.

Trembling Aspen

Everyone loves the larches, but what about the trembling aspens!  Of all the valley’s in K Country the Sheep River Valley’s aspen run at the end of September is one of Kananaskis Country’s great spectacles.  Nestled between the High Noon Ranch and Cow camp, the trail through High Noon Hills give you a front row seat.

Trembling Aspens



Drive west from Turner Valley on HWY 546 for about 10-15 minutes, pass the K Country Sign, cross over Macabee Creek and climb the small hill, look for a pullout just after the top on the left side of the road (a u turn at the Visitor Centre on the other side of the hill is convenient).  We ascended the first hill, cruised along the ridge to the to top of a second hill (my favourite) and ended our trip atop a third hill (Hill 794124).

Check out the google earth track map below and the High Noon Hills.gpx track.





4 thoughts on “High Noon Hills (Sheep)

  1. Very beautiful hike! I love the fall color of aspens. These trees are far/few in between here. I love the large massing of them.

    1. Well I guess that I take them for granted. They’re so plentyfull in the foothills of the Rockies they’re often overlooked. Thanks for reminding me how amazing they are!

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