Warm November Hiking?

November 2016

Wondering where to hike in this unusually warm November?  Here are five spots that are perfect for the chinook winds are blowing.

Lesueur Ridge
High Noon Hills (West of Turner Valley)

Mesa Butte (West of Millarville)

Mustang Hills (West of Bragg Creek)

Bull Creek Hills (West of Longview)

Lesueur Ridge (West of Cochrane)


Details below…

The High Noon Hills – Gentle hills with views of the foothills and front ranges of the Sheep River Valley.

High Noon Hills

Mesa Butte – Perhaps the most perfect foothill.  West of Millarville, Mesa Butte stands on its own.



The Mustang Hills – Maybe you’ll see the horses.  Gentle hills with views of the Elbow Valley, but they can be a bit tricky to navigate

Mustang Hills


The Bull Creek Hills – The gateway to the Highwood Valley west of Longview.  Hime the hills end to end for a foothills hike of mountainous proportions.

Bull Creek Hills

Lesueur Ridge – Ghost River Valley west of Cochrane. Silent views, Raven’s play in the wind, Puffballs smoke.

Lesueur Ridge

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