Pine Ridge Loop (Sheep River Region)

February 2017

Pine Ridge Loop

Distance: 8.6 km

Elevation Gain: 150 m approx

The second best trail at Sandy McNabb, next to Macabee Loop.

We skied this loop counter-clockwise.  It begins at the Sheep River Provincial Park Information Centre. We followed the trail north through open meadows before the dipping down into an old Spruce forest cloaked in green lichen next to a creek.  After the Macabee Loop Junction we climbed a hill through pines onto Pine Ridge.  At the top, a view of the foothills, Mesa Butte, the Threepoint watershed and Calgary.

The way down is fast, definitely an intermediate/advanced run.  Watch out for rocks and bare patches!  Weaving through narrow paths before returning to the meadows of the lowlands.

This trail is only available for a few weeks each year as the snow is thin, so be sure to go after a good dump of snow.

See the map below of the North Trails of Sandy McNabb for the route.  The Pine Ridge Loop is in Yellow.

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