Mount Ware

June 28 2019

15 km

518 m elevation gain

Bike and Hike via Gorge Creek Trail

The King of the foothills! JOHN WOULD BE PROUD!

Mount Ware is a place that straddles the border between being a mountain and a foothill with a front row seat to Bluerock Mountain:). This is one of my favorite places in Kananaskis.

We biked Gorge creek Trail before hiking to the peak following a south ridge mostly off trail. The ascent to the summit is on stable scree but the grade might make some squeamish, especially if the wind is howling as it was today (gusts of 100 km for sure!).

There is great peace to be found at the summit, with a solid carin and ridge. The mountains of Bluerock and Rose capture the view along with All Smoke Mountain and Surveyors Ridge. Little Ware keeps company to the east with the green hills and prairies beyond.

Worth the trip!


Gorge Creek Trail

Gorge Creek

Bluerock Mountain on the ascent

Little Ware
Sandstone layers on the ascent

Mt. Ware looms overhead

The summit ridge

A great view of Mount Rose
A Front row seat to Bluerock Mountain :::)

Alpine Forgetmenot

Ferns in the scree

Wind blasted aeolien sandstone
Wildflower meadows at the base of the ascent ridge

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