Canyon Trail (Waimea Canyon Kaua’i)

Waimea Canyon Trail – Kaua’i, Hawai’i

August 2015

When you’ve stuffed yourself one too many times full of Ahi Poke, Kimchi Crab and Macadamias,  think about taking a trip to Waimea Canyon’s Canyon Ridge Trail.

Known simply as the Canyon Trail, this trip takes you down a pleasent forested path on a red open ridge crest with views sailing southward down the west branch of Waimea Canyon.  The grand canyon of the pacific.

And a truly excessive gift to Kaua’i.  If countless ancient beaches, Honu haunted reefs and Napalistic Gorges along Kalalau is not enough, take in Waimea’s grand canyon which will make anyone reminisce of the four corners in the Southwest.

Like all great Kaua’ian trails, this one ends at a swimming hole.  An elderberry bush towers over head, seemingly out of place on this tropical isle.  A cool cascade rushes down and streams a few hundred meters before plummeting 800 ft over Waipoo falls to the valley bottom.  A chance to stand at the very top.

Don’t bother ascending above the swimming hole, the trail is treacherous and offers little reward, just a jungled clogged canyon.

Warning:  The red mud is greasy and slick when wet, don’t slip or risk plummeting down to the canyon bottom.  Better turn back and head to Polehale if it’s raining.