Maha’ulepu Heritage Trail (Kaua’i)

Mahaulepu Heritage Trail

August 2015

Are the Poipu Shores calling, has Salt Pond lost its charm, are you settled in the south of Kaua’i and don’t want to drive all the way to the North Shore for a hike?  Make your way to Mahaulepu Trail and leave the south shore nobility aside as your footprints take you further away, but closer to the essence of South Kauai.

Start at shipwreck beach, meander through coastal shrublands to ancient polynesian ruins, pass pristine golfed pastures, return to dissolved cliffs, heat and white foam waves, lounge on the red chair, visit a sinkhole, emerge on soft sand beaches that lead to honeycombed lava barons and end with the splendoured solitude of the final beach, one of the best on the island. You might be sharing the spot with the local monk seals.

Watch for blowholes along the way and the side trip to the sinkhole is defiantly worthwhile.  Many beaches have sharp submerged rocks in the shallows so be wary.  Theres something about the way the waves on this coast.  The way the swell, combine and crash against the weathered shores that captures the wild beauty of the tropical pacific.  Like no other hike on the Island.

Visit Malama Mahaulepu for more detailed info about the historical significance of this place and the efforts being made to preserve this gem.

“We spent the rest of time 
With furious faking of dreaming 
Passing tiny diamonds, and passing the time wondering 
Whether we should walk down the same path 
That had introduced us to the valley the day before? 
I was woken three times in the night 
And asked to watch whales, listen for earthquakes in the sea 
I had never seen such a strange sight before 
Somehow I think the soft verges of insanity 
At the hard shoulders of reality 
Point past signs posted in the past sea 
It’s probably a lack of poor visibility 
And something special in the sand 
And the essences the rocks on the seashore make”   – John Balance