Hell’s Ridge

Hell’s Ridge (Highwood Junction area)

March 11th 2015

What a great day for a ridge walk, and in the foothills of the Highwood no less.  A chinook arch, a huge wall cloud with threatening rain, snow and wind.  Great company questing through the lush green forest, in winter?  Oh yes, what a strange year it has been.

Enjoy this one, navigation skills are a must, experienced hikers only as the game trails multiply and dissolve by the handful.  The ridge has a touch of scrabbling at the top and undulates like a psytrance baseline from north to south.  With the great divide watching from a distance.  And its windy as hell.

Heading up, bushwhacking and following game trails.
The first clearing is delightful.


Outcroppings, springs, and xerophtic plants abound on the western slopes.
Etherington creek valley and Rasberry Ridge beyond.

The Coyote Hills in the distance as we ascend through a meadow.

The wind starts.
Nearing the top of the ridge, the goal is the third summit. We made it to the first.
Snow threatens in the distance
Atop the ridge looking south. The wind is howling, great spot for lunch…
Junction hill and the Highwood valley.
Descending a rib of Hell’s ridge westward towards Etherington creek. Flagging tape marks the way.
Hell’s Ridge from Highwood Junction.


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