Prairie Creek/Elbow Falls

Wow.  What a beautiful valley.  Prairie creek is an unexpected treat, a treasure one might say.  One wouldn’t expect such a majestic valley to lie right beside Elbow falls, making this day trip one of the best for new hikers who want the majesty of Kananaskis without having to work for it. Towering scree slopes, gentle foothills, remarkable cliff bands, saturated forests and open aspen.  Take your friend on this hike who prefers YouTbe and Xbox over fresh air and silence.

My grade 9 Outdoor Education class were the honoured guests for this one.  Perhaps one last taste of winter before the leaves come out this year.  We went as far west as the Second Gap Connector to Powderface Creek.  Enjoy.

IMG_6271IMG_6266 An encounter with the cliffs of Prairie Creek Valley
IMG_6262 The rolling foothills as you hike westward into Prairie Creek Valley
Looking eastward down the valley
Kaptin Kananaskis. Happy St. Paddy’s
Looking up through aspen to the cliffs
\\IMG_6257 Cliff, snow and trees


Niece and Auntie:)




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