Sparrowhawk Tarns (Spray Valley)

Sparrowhawk Tarns

Fall 2013

Below the rimy peaks of Mt. Sparrowhawk and Bogart lies a pleasant tarn that emanates tranquillity, reflection and perhaps swimming on a UV soaked Spray Valley afternoon.

The trail begins on the dusky, dusty Smith- Dorrian Trail at the Sparrowhawk day use area.  Across the road the trail climbs the hillside into a breezy forest with prime views of the Spray Lakes as it winds through the mountain valley.  You’ll encounter primeval forests, babbling brooks, open expanses of cobbles with trails winding through larch and willow.  When you feel like your about to say goodbye to all earthly lifeforms and step beyond in to the land of sharp rock and faceted snow, the Sparrowhawk tarns emerge as an oasis in the alpine.  Spend a sun blissed afternoon on the moss cracked cliffs by the pool listing to the winds swirl in the amphitheatre, or hunker down as the winds descent in great gusts from the rocky giants who surround.

Watch the cliffs for Golden Eagles, and falling rocks from the rotten Red Ridge above.

Sparrowhawk tarns…  KK

The first sign of danger on this hike
After the forested ascent we emerge into the cobble fields of the alpine. Take the trail on the right side of the valley
Larches and cobbles
Red Ridge to the south
Bogart peaking out at distant centre
A look back down valley towards spray lakes from the bench below the tarns
Rocky alpine and Mt. Bogart
Princess kananaskis
Look out! She’s gone bat craze
The giants
Kaptain Kananaskis and a view down valley towards Spray Lakes
A babbling brook as the creek descends through the subalpine
Fall willows and freshness
On our descent, a majestic view southward of the Spray lakes


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